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Jai Mata Di | With Mata Rani Blessings Sargam Jagran Party & Pooja Sargam wishes all a Very Happy New Year 2020 | UPCOMING JAGRAN:-16 Jan in Budhdheswar, Lucknow | 18 Jan in Kathmandu, Nepal | 19 Jan in Ansal, Lucknow | 29 Jan in Jankipuram, Lucknow | 7 Feb in Krishna Nagar (Noon) | 7 Feb in Sultanpur (Evening) | 9 Feb in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow | 21 Feb in Unnao | 18 June in Bhagata, Gorakhpur

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Blessing of God and Goddess is needed to overcome every rough course of life. Everyone should conduct Mata Ki Chowki and Mata Ka Jagran to get blessing and her devine power and all the needs to be fulfilled. No one is discriminated by caste, age, religious and gender. MAHAGAURI, KATYAYANI, CHANDRAGHANTA, SIDDHIDATRI, SHAILPUTRI, KUSHMANDA, SKANDAMATA, KALRATRI, MAHAGAURI and BRAHMAACHARINI these are the nine dimensions of Maa Durga according to Hindu religious. Jagran Party Organiser.

Awesome Jagran Party

Mata ka Jagran is a holy programme for all the Hindu community. In this programme all night Kirtan has been sung by the singers and Maa Durga worship has been done.

At Mata ka Jagran firstly we light Akhand jyoti of Mataji. After that Vandana is sung ( devotional song) by the singer or any other devotee who wants to sing. Bhet is offered by the devotee (red color chunni) coconut fruits and shingar matriail along with soe bheta and sweets. Then comes ardass and bhog is distributed to the people who are present there by the devotee. Short break are taken and around half an hour again we start for the further process. Lastly after Aarti and devotional song’s Lonkra and Kanjak Pooja we distribute bhog and Prasad to all and comes to the end of Jagran as an samapti.

Radha Krishna Jhanki

Sargam Jagran Party

Any religious theme song or song related to God is refers to Bhajan which literaly means "sharing". No specific set or rules are describe for Bhajan, it is a free form of singing based on the devotee how they conduct it. According to Hinduism Bhakti, Kirtan and Bhajan all these three are connected with the vedic era specially Samaveda. Semaveda is meant to sing like a musical score which should be heard.

The main motive behind conducting this Bhajan Shandya is to receive blessing of God's. Bhajan also helps to maintain possitive environment around one's selves and wish to get all their dreams fulfilled. In this singer sungs the religious song which gives the feeling to connect everyone with the God. Bhajan has been done generally at the evening time which takes max to max 3 to 4 hours. Pooja has been done by the devotee and the first stage and after that Aarti takes place and at last prasad has been distributed at last, with all this we came to the end of the Bhajan. .

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Bhawan or Darbaar

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